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Have you noticed that when we get past the age of 40 It’s harder to squat as in deep knee bends?

The biggest reason for that is that we DON’T!

We seem to do the following:

  • Bend over and pick something up instead of squatting if we can

  • Avoid a full deep squat.

  • Blame it on being stiff or inflexible.

  • Blame it on sore or stiff knees.

  • Blame it on tight or stiff back.

  • Don’t use muscles in the full range of motion any longer.

With that last one here lies the problem. As we get past our 40s and 50s. Most of us move and exercise less. Because of this, our muscles shorten. Muscles shorten from lack of use in a full range of motion and this can lead to injuries. So, when we go to do certain movements we can’t do them. Because of lack of our ability to use the muscles in a full range of motion. Lack of ability to touch our toes because of a stiff back or tight hamstrings. The ability to not be able to bend our knees because of tight muscles. (These are problems outside of injuries) Leads us to tight or sore knees, shorten hamstrings, tight back, and weak glutes. A lot of people have muscle imbalances where we are tighter on one side and we are the other. This also causes another set of problems.

That’s the short version of why we are so tight. Ha Ha Ha

So, is there a solution? Yes, there is.

But it’s not easy and it takes time. One of the hardest things for most of us to do is work on mobility and flexibility. These two are the most important things next to strength training. With improved mobility comes less joint problems, less joint replacements, and better balance.

One of the best ways to get more mobile. Due exercises that both increase your mobility along with your flexibility. This is easier and more enjoyable for most people than sitting down and trying to stretch. While stretching is very important. Doing it while you’re exercising is very beneficial.

If you have any of these issues I can help you overcome them. Contact me I’m always willing to help.

Please share if you know some who would benefit from this information

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