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Gift Guide: How to Encourage Fitness over 50

Shopping will be different this holiday season – just like everything else this year, right? But we can still have fun in choosing gifts for the special people in our lives. To help, we’ve gathered 10 suggestions for you, just to get you thinking.

By the way, we’re curious – how do you like online shopping? Yay or nay? We’ll all be doing a lot more of it in 2020 regardless!

1. Apple Watch 6. For the device lover on your list, you can’t beat the latest Apple Watch, the 6, which monitors sleep, heart rate and more, can perform an ECG, call 911 if you fall, and analyze your blood oxygen levels. Starting at $399, it’s designed to make the most of Apple’s upcoming Fitness Plus service.

2. A Theragun Mini. This smaller version of the popular massage tool is more affordable but still packs a therapeutic punch. Good for soothing pain, relieving tension, and improving circulation. $199.

3. Resistance bands fall on the opposite end of the high-tech spectrum. These are available from many retailers in rubber and in fabric, starting at around $10. They can provide a good workout at home and are super-simple to toss in a suitcase for travel. Motivational Bala Bands seem to be getting a lot of attention this year. $20.

4. A new mat. After this year of more at-home workouts, it’s probably time for a replacement. Have fun with all the colors and styles available from your favorite retailers.

5. Audiobooks. This is a great way to keep up on reading while engaging in some forms of exercise. At, the first one’s free, and then a monthly fee of $14.95 covers one title.

6. Voxx socks. We were skeptical until we tried them, and these high-tech socks really do seem to help with balance. Special material woven into the fabric supposedly triggers something in the brain that helps prevent falls. Give them a try! Starting at $35.

7. Running accessories. Nathan has reflective wear, headlights, noisemakers, and The Zipster, which is a smart, sleek updating of the fanny pack. Various prices.

8. Meal delivery gift cards. Send packages of healthy, delicious foods to your loved one. You can choose from a range of diets, and decide whether to mail pre-cooked meals to be heated up at home, or make-at-home kits with everything needed. A few to consider: Hello Fresh, Sun Basket, and Purple Carrot.

9. The Nutri-Bullet Pro. Help them make healthy smoothies and soups at home with this powerful blender. $89.

10. Your time. As ever, the best gift is your time. Take your friend or family member for a walk. Toss a ball in the backyard. Or just enjoy a nice conversation, whether in person or long-distance.

We also have special gifts, promotions and bargains, so don’t forget to check with us for a localized fitness gift that really hits home. Happy Holidays!

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