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I was reading an article written by successful weight loss Physician Dr. Wrigley you probably see me post some of his articles before.

One of the things that struck me was a statement that he made, which was. Don't make weight loss; your primary goal start with your well-being.

The comment had to do with the foods we eat.

Which foods make you hungry or and eat more?

Which foods leave you full and without hunger?

So, when you look at these two choices, obviously number two is the best choice. My experiences have been that proteins and dense vegetables for most people make them feel full and curb hunger.

So, when talking about the first one simple carbohydrates, white sugar, white flour, processed, and ultra-processed foods, these foods tend to increase our appetite. Why do you think that a restaurant gives you bread at the beginning of the meal? To stimulate your appetite and definitely works.

So as you are going on your weight loss lifestyle change, keep in mind when you are eating from these two types of foods mentioned above.

Another thing to look at is how certain foods make you feel you may find some foods or alcohol don't agree with you. You may get an upset stomach, headache, even a runny nose. Some of us don't realize that certain foods affect us differently, and I understand some folks get a runny nose from eating spicy food, but that's not the same thing as a runny nose or a lot of mucus from some foods. For instance, some people have a lot of mucus and a runny nose from milk because it doesn't agree with you. Case in point I had a client several years ago that found out he was allergic to chicken to get off the chicken and dropped 26 pounds. I would've never thought that someone would be allergic to chicken. Thank goodness I'm not allergic to red meat or eggs since I consume a lot of both.

The best way to track all this is in a food journal, or you can track what you eat plus the portion sizes along with the amount of water you drink every day, which is very important. You can use an app like My Fitness Pal. I have most of my clients use it because I can convert into my exercise software to help me keep better track of what they are eating. This also helps me to make adjustments in their nutritional plan so they can make continuous progress. This also allows me to answer any questions they might have about their nutritional program or what they are eating. It is beneficial to write down how you feel during the day how much energy you have plus how you feel after each meal. These things can help you narrow down better food choices and better progress. Having this down you can better plan your lifestyle & nutritional changes, which is one of the things I do is a good coach

This also holds true for weight training.

Starting out slowly by working on mobility exercises for your joints and your spine because having strength without mobility can lead to injury. There are numerous mobility exercises to bring your movement to your joints and power at the same time. The main areas that we lose mobility past 50 her hips low back shoulders and knees. These joints are combined are involved in squatting bending, picking things up, and reaching.

We get past 50 most people are not as active as they were or slow down; in either case, we stop doing those activities that help keep our joints mobile. There's an old saying motion is lotion, especially when it comes to our joints.

We tend to stop doing the following movements or less of them as we get older



crawling yes I said crawling


rotational movements

getting down on the floor or the ground in getting back up

walking with the full stride

These things above are all related mobility. Stop and visualize people you know not able to get in and out of a chair comfortably, squat down to pick up something, be able to get down on the ground and get back up, lack of rotation such as a really stiff golf swing.

And last but not least, the ability to walk in a long comfortable strive. People shorten up there walking stride when they lose their mobility and strength and are afraid of falling. This is when they are most susceptible to trip and fall and break something. Mainly their hip or an arm when they're trying to catch themselves on the way down. They are no longer using their joints to the full range of motion. The muscles shorten from lack of use, thus stiffness and lack of mobility. This lack of movement can and will worsen over time to the point the following things start to happen.

You start to use a cane to help stabilize as you walk

Next step a walker with or without wheels

Then a wheelchair or scooter

I don't have to take what the next step is!

We are all aware of these issues but tend to think it will happen to me until it does. At present, I tell you this so that you will become more informed and more active in your fitness. That is why I always say

Strength & mobility + stability = Performance and Life and Sports the After 50

This is what I teach my clients so they can be more active and have an energized and active lifestyle.

Now isn't that where you want to be actively enjoying life actually it beats the alternative. T

Now that you are ready to get more active in your lifestyle and get a head start on that slow resting body, let's get together and set up a plan to get you moving an energized...

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