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Join the Return to In-Person Workouts

Surveys and media reports recently are suggesting that people are losing their pandemic-fueled fever for at-home workouts – and returning to the gym and fitness studios like before.

And that’s great news for people over 50 – who were hit particularly hard by Covid-19 and who often need to focus on social interactions to overcome isolation.

Exercise is good for our mental health and fights depression. And getting off the couch and getting to the gym or studio? Well, all that requires positive action.

“You have to be mentally healthy enough to take that action and get out there and start doing something. So to me, it also reflects positively on people being resilient,” said Alison Phillips, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University.

People are going back to the gym almost as much as before the pandemic hit, according to data cited by CNBC.

Meanwhile, shares of Peloton crashed more than 40 percent after the company announced a lower-than-expected earnings (on the same day a national chain of budget gyms announced a revenue surge).

When the pandemic was at its worst, lots of fitness centers closed permanently. Speculation was that people would never come back to brick-and-mortar training.

But the social component, among other factors, is bringing back many people who are bored with at-home workouts.

Have you stayed away since the pandemic started? Are you coming back to work out with us in person sometimes, and exercising at home on some days, too?

Hope to see you soon at my private studio

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