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Strength Training: Starting with a Trainer is Essential past 50

Today when you look at the majority of fitness and workout routines, they are not designed for most of us older adults. They are mostly for average younger middle-aged adults; the other problem is that they don't take into account your individual needs and issues. I'm not saying that they can't be helpful, but a lot of these exercises don't take into account the physical limitations that you might have. Such as joint replacement or joint issues and mobility problems. That's why you get a personal trainer or strength coach that works with older adults, someone who knows how to properly design a program to fit your individual needs and concerns.

Even if you're getting your training online, the exercises should be customized to your individual needs and adequately supervised. This long with your nutritional needs, which are definitely different as you get older. As we get older, we need to have more protein intake for solid bones and to prevent muscle loss known as Sarcopenia. As you get older, you want to live an energized and active lifestyle. It all starts off making a commitment to get started, and then the hard part sticking to it. You want to build strength increase mobility, which increases your stability so that you can remain active.

That's where I come in to keep you accountable and on track. Providing customized programs to meet your training and nutritional needs.

No one wants to retire, having to depend on a walker or wheelchair to get around, so what are you waiting for.

Let's get started increasing your strength, mobility, and stability. No matter where you are in the world, I can design an online program to fit your needs, or you can just come to my studio for one-on-one training. I can also provide you with nutritional coaching and recommendations.

Sent directly to your phone, iPad, or computer your programs just like I do for my in-house clients when I send them homework. Stop making excuses and lets get started Now!

Forward this article to anyone who you know will benefit from getting on exercise and nutrition program.

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