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Studies Reveal More about How Exercise Fights Dementia

We love this subject and never get tired of sharing the good news: Scientific evidence keeps showing the link between exercise and a lower risk of developing dementia.

Two of the latest studies are among the most dramatic we’ve seen in a while.

One paper published recently in Neurology looked at 38 studies that followed more than 2 million people over at least three years.

It found that people who exercised regularly had a 17 percent less chance of getting dementia, compared to people who did not.

The paper included walking, running, working out at the gym, and other activities as exercise.

That covers just about everything, doesn’t it? The point is to move regularly and often – and to have fun doing it. Exercise must be fun if you’re going to make it a regular part of your life over time.

An earlier study in Neurology looked at about 500,000 people for 11 years. It found the dementia risk fell by 35 percent for people who worked out in a gym or participated in sports. It also found a 21 percent lower risk for people who reported regularly working around the house on common household chores.

The World Health Organization says we all need at least 150 hours a week of moderately vigorous cardio activity and two sessions of resistance training.

Let’s show you how to get it done, for your health and for your future.

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