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This easy-to-use visual guide shows you how to make healthier nutrition choices, and determine the best foods for your body, goals, and taste buds. In fact, our simple three-step process helps you create a customized healthy-eating menu in just a matter of minutes. And the best part: Nothing’s off limits. ++++ “What foods should I eat?” It’s a question we hear often. Sometimes in desperation. Not because of the easy choices—spinach, duh!—but because of the not-so-obvious ones that cause confusion. Foods that have been demonized then celebrated. Or celebrated then demonized. Or that come in so many forms it feels impossible to know the best choice. Over and over, we’re asked:

  • Are potatoes good or bad?

  • What about eggs?

  • Can I eat pasta?

  • Is cheese okay?

  • Do I have to live without bacon? (We told you about the desperation.)

To add to the confusion, it’s not always obvious how to classify a food. Is it mostly protein? A carbohydrate? A fat? Many people know to eat a mix of these macronutrients, yet aren’t sure how that looks in “real food”. The result: more questions. That’s why we created this handy, visual food guide. It’s designed to help you make healthier choices, no matter your knowledge of nutrition. But don’t expect a list of “approved” and “off-limits” foods. Instead, we like to think of foods on a spectrum from “eat more” to “eat some” to “eat less”. This approach promotes one of the most crucial philosophies that runs through our nutrition coaching method: Progress, not perfection. Use our continuums to make choices that are “just a little bit better,” whether you’re eating at home, dining out with friends, or dealing with banquet buffets on a work trip. Plus, learn how to:

  • Incorporate a mix of proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fat.

  • Strategically improve your food choices—based on where you are right now—to feel, move, and look better.

  • Customize your intake for your individual lifestyle and (of course) taste buds.

As a bonus, we’ve even provided you space to create your own personal continuum. That way, you can build a delicious menu of healthy foods that are right for you—no questions asked. (And if you want to make better beverage choices, check out our ‘What should I drink?!’ infographic.) Download this infographic for your tablet or printer and use the step-by-step process to decide which foods are right for you. I'm available if you need a coach to help reach your goals. SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS

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