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Are you tired of trying to figure out what to eat, how much, and when to eat 


Would you like to: 


Have more energy? 

Get better quality sleep? 

Think more clearly? 

Feel better about yourself? 


Proper nutrition is the key to improving your quality of life in each of these important areas! 


Most people already know that good nutrition is essential to overall health and well-being, but they have no idea what, when, and how much they should be eating to get the greatest benefit from their diet.  


Sound familiar?

If so, my Nutritional Coaching Program can help you get on the right dietary track and stay on it for life! 


My Nutritional Coaching Program provides you with an individualized dietary plan designed to:   


  • Meet your health goals 

  • Optimize your lifestyle and dietary behaviors 

  • Develop good nutritional habits for life  


As part of my Nutritional Coaching Program, you’ll receive easy-to-follow recommendations on essential dietary nutrients, eating habits, and supplements, including for individuals with special nutritional needs, such as older adults, who don’t absorb nutrients as well, and athletes, who require optimal physical performance and recovery. 


As your overall health improves, your nutritional needs will change. To ensure your nutritional needs are adapted to your evolving physical health, the program includes weekly check-ins and gives you unlimited opportunities to email your questions, which I will address every Friday. Along with answers to your own questions, you may find that you pick up helpful information and motivation from the answers to others’ questions as well. 


If you have confidential questions or issues you need help with, we can schedule a private virtual meeting via Skype or Zoom. You can also join a private Facebook discussion forum where you can post questions and share experiences or advice with others who are following my Nutritional Coaching Program. This no-judgment forum can be a great source of help, support, and encouragement, especially if you have veered off course with your eating and need to get back on track.  


Changing your eating habits is a journey, and it can be a challenging one, but I’m here to help advise, guide, and encourage you along the way. The plans I design for my clients are not so strict that they are impossible to stick with, and they even occasionally allow you to enjoy some of your favorite foods in moderation!  


Are you ready to take that all-important step toward having a happier, healthier, more energized life? If you’re on board, I hope you’ll grant me the privilege of being your personal nutritional coach. I’ve helped clients all over the world and I can help you as well! 



Contact me today, and let’s get started on this journey toward a new and improved YOU!  



Strength + Stability + Mobility = Performance in Life and Sports Over 50! 



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