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Have you ever gone to the salad bar at a restaurant and watched someone make a healthy salad, only to then ladle on the dressing, not even realizing the number of extra calories they are adding? The recommended serving size for dressing is only two tablespoons.

For example:

Ranch dressing is 73 cal/Tbsp, so half a cup would be 620 calories. I have seen someone add as much as a full cup to a salad.

Balsamic Vinegar is 30 cal/ 2 Tbsps. Half a cup is 127 calories. If you add healthy olive oil to your balsamic vinegar, the calories become 119/Tbsp. This is why most people use vinaigrette, which is 43 cal/Tbsp, with half a cup at 365 calories.

However, the problem with vinaigrette dressing is that it is made with soybean oil, not olive oil. My preference is olive oil because it is healthier and it tastes better. I’m fortunate to have a local olive oil and vinegar store where I can get great flavors of both and mix them if I choose. Naturally Fresh makes a ginger dressing that is 70 calories per serving. It has an excellent flavor even though it’s made with soybean oil.

Just some food for thought the next time you’re making a salad. When ordering a salad, it’s best to get the dressing on the side.

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