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7 Reasons Weightlifting is So Great Later in Life

Most people don't lift weights later in life, many because they dismiss it as just a way to get big muscles when young. Maybe that didn’t interest you then, so why would it now, right?

But the irony is rich. Resistance training is so much more important after 50, and for reasons that are far more relevant and compelling. Here are just seven of the main reasons mature people should be lifting weights on a regular basis.

It slows age-related muscle loss and increases muscle mass and quality. We all lose muscle as we age, but we need it to stay strong enough to function in daily activities, not to mention to travel, enjoy sports, and play with grandkids.Resistance training burns fat. Think it’s all about cardio? Wrong.Weight training improves balance -- both when standing still and when moving, thus lowering the risk of falls.It eases arthritis pain, lowers blood pressure, and fights obesity. (Wait – that’s three great reasons in one!)Strength training builds bones and fights osteoporosis. This is an extra motivation for women, who lose a small percentage of bone mass each year after menopause.It fights depression among older adults, as well as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other chronic ailments.Weightlifting helps you sleep better, which in turn helps you lift weights better.

Plus, let’s not forget this: It’s fun. If you spent your earlier years thinking that weightlifting isn't for you, come in and let us show you how to enjoy it now. Free your mind and challenge your body. It’s never too late, and we’re here to help.

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