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You started working out with us for some compelling reasons that have not gone away simply because of the current situation.

Were you hoping to lose weight? Move better? Gain better functionality for daily tasks?

Maybe you want to be a more active grandparent, plan a vacation, or whip your brother-in-law on the golf course.

Whatever your motivation was … it still is.

And we are still here to help you do it, with online training that is safe, effective and FUN!

People over 50 are loving our in-home, online training for groups and for individuals. Here’s why.

· No driving required!

· You get to continue staying fit with us.

· You get to see and speak with workout buddies via our online video tool – It’s just like we’re all there together.

· You don’t need much space or any special equipment.

· We have “live” sessions – or video recordings if that works better for you.

· We can see everyone and offer modifications, tips and other coaching while the session is occurring.

We’ll get you set up with everything you need. And we’re here for you now and in the future. Your health is too important to sacrifice now because of this hardship.

You’ve faced worse and won. We’ll help you do it now.

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