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Breaking the Age Barrier at the National Senior Games

If you think you’re too late for athletic competition, track & field events, and chasing gold medals, the athletes of the National Senior Games have a message for you:

Get over it!

More than 11,000 athletes over 50 are gathering in Pittsburgh this month to compete for medals in about two dozen sports, including pickleball, basketball, tennis, archery, badminton and swimming. (The pic above was from the 2019 event in Albuquerque.)

They are divided into five-year age categories. There is no age limit.

And there’s no limit to the number of inspiring stories that are brought to life at the National Senior Games. These athletes haven’t let aging – or even some of life’s more difficult challenges – diminish their zest for competition and athleticism.

“The Senior Games Movement offers proof that everyone can improve the quality of their lives at any age by staying active,” the organization says. “People who participate in local, state, and National Senior Games demonstrate their ‘Personal Best’ not only in competition but also in their ongoing quest to remain active and healthy. Their example challenges all ages to ‘Be YOUR Personal Best...For LIFE!’”

We salute all the athletes for showing that fun, dedication, and athletic excellence don’t have to fade away with age.

Working out with us can give everyone the strength, endurance, and agility they need to pursue their dreams – whatever they are! Come see us and let’s get you ready for your next competition.

>Learn more about the National Senior Games here.

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