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Celebrate September As Healthy Aging Month

If you think January is the most important month for personal fitness, then think again.

It’s actually September, especially for people over 50, since it’s annually promoted as Healthy Aging Month.

And it’s easy to see why the first month of autumn is ideal. Think about. The weather is cooler, but we still have plenty of daylight in the morning and evening… We’ve recovered from hectic summer schedules, but we’re not yet caught up in the hectic holidays… and there’s less pressure than we typically experience with New Year’s Resolutions.

Organizers say they’re trying to shine a spotlight on the positive aspects of moving through life – and the mission is to help us all take personal responsibility for our health.

The month was created more than 25 years ago by Carolyn Worthington, publisher of the Healthy Aging® multi-media platform. “Our goal was to draw attention to the positive sides of growing older,” she says. “September was chosen because so many people feel they can ‘get started’ more easily then. Maybe the back-to-school routine never really goes away.”

The campaign this year focuses on staying fit, adventurous, healthy and connected. Be sure to exercise regularly, including strength training to prevent falls and frailty. Tweak your diet, and keep up with regular medical checkups.

We’re here to help with fitness and more, not just in September but all year long. Let’s get you moving with healthy, safe and effective exercise to carry you through the fall and beyond.

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