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Cher’s Fitness Turns Back Time at 75

We’ve all been watching Cher for so many decades now that she seems ageless. From hippie singer to TV variety star to Oscar-winning actress and more, it seems there has always been Cher.

And as she just turned 75, it’s worth a look at how she has turned back time (as one of her songs goes) and what the rest of us can pick up from the legend.

Sure, rich and pampered celebs have it easier than the rest of us. But there’s always been something so relatable to Cher. You can’t help but feel like she’s real, despite everything.

Here are some tips and comments she has made in the media.

· She works out five days a week with a trainer who doesn’t let her “play the age card.”

· She can hold a five-minute plank.

· “I’ve killed myself in the gym to have this body. It isn’t like I have some amazing secret that nobody else has.”

· She likes sweet potatoes, salads, brown rice, vegetables, pasta and fruit, she wrote in her book, “Cher Forever Fit: The Lifetime Plan for Health, Fitness, and Beauty.”

· She avoids cigarettes and alcohol.

· “Being healthy has always been part of my life. It just works for me.”

And that’s something that should apply to all of us!

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