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Corporate Wellness has been a booming industry for a while. But here’s my question if there’s so many companies offering Corporate Wellness programs to their employees why does it seem that most employees don’t take advantage of the program or they don’t stick with the program. Employees just go to the gym and check in for their minimum times a month just to keep their memberships up. While not taking full advantage of the fitness center or the other aspects of the programs offered. I’ve seen this time and time again employees get in the program but they don’t take full advantage of it. I also wonder if companies track progress or offer services and incentives for progress of reaching their goals. I know some do but doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot about people partaking of these advantages or maybe there’s a disconnect somewhere. Then there is the big chance that people don’t want to change which I’ve run into quite frequently just with my clients or they really really need help and guidance. Participation in Corporate Wellness programs is down as much as 25%. The problem is that there are thousands of providers with solutions. This leaves companies trying to find the right solution for their employees which includes looking for provider companies or paying consultants so they know where to start.

Here’s my take on a better way to get retention benefits for Corporate Wellness programs. Using the same programs I use for my online and in-house clients can be used for corporate wellness employees. They get their workouts in their nutritional guidance via an app or on any device. They can track workout progress and nutritional progress along with getting updates to our keep their habits ongoing. Help is always an email away with my clients. this can be the same with corporate employees. Incentive programs and contests can also be set up which gets even more participation! Even though the fitness and nutrition journey is a hard one for most people the support is always there. Putting a little fun in it isn’t a bad thing either not to mention which has the advantage of having healthy happy employees. When majority your employees are healthy they are less likely to miss work or have less medical problems. WIN! WIN!

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