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Gimme 5: Here’s What Can Happen When You Start Exercising

Want to play a game of “What’s the Point?”

It goes like this.

Think of all the times you’ve said “What’s the Point” of doing the right thing for yourself, your family, and your community. Like this:

· What’s the point of exercising?

· What’s the point of dieting?

· What’s the point of registering to vote… or making an eye-exam appointment… or stopping at the stop sign when no one else is around…?

Can you relate?

Of course. We call can.

So, in the interests of stating the obvious so that you can never use this little tool to reserve more couch time, here is our list of 5 Things That Can Happen When You Start Exercising. (There are many more, but we hope you get the point at five.)

The Top 5

1. You can lose fat and gain muscle. Note that this is not the same as “losing weight.” That’s because the number on the scale is often irrelevant. It’s body fat you want to lose, not necessarily weight, and muscle you want to gain – especially after midlife, when our muscle mass declines progressively.

2. You feel better. After just a few weeks of training for strength, endurance and flexibility, you will probably be standing and walking more upright; feeling less joint pain and muscle tension; sleeping better; and gaining self-confidence.

3. You begin making your doctor very happy. That’s because many typical health indicators generally improve, like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and bone density. That’s just for starters. Seriously – most of what our doctors nag us about IMPROVES WITH EXERCISE.

4. You will look better. We’re not promising a new career as a fitness model. But who doesn’t want to tone up our body, get more radiant skin, and look better in clothes (and out of them)?

5. You will enjoy your sports and hobbies more – whatever they are. It doesn’t matter if you play golf or tennis, coach a kids soccer team, tend to your garden, or just like to walk your dog in the neighborhood. You’ll have so much more energy and vigor that you’ll enjoy everything more – and be less prone to injury. That’s right: Exercise helps prevent injuries, including falls.

The Choice Is Clear

Now, look, you probably have heard most of this before.

Let’s face it, we’re not inventing a revolutionary new system to look better, feel better, move better… or to improve the quality of your life… or help you stay independent … or extend your healthy lifespan.

You know all of this already.

So, back to the start: What’s the point?

Look in the mirror. Look at your family and friends. Look in your heart.

That’s the point.

And if all that’s not enough, here are two things that will happen if you don’t start regular exercise and proper eating.

1. You will continue to feel, move and look worse.

2. You will limit your own autonomy, enjoyment of life, and quality of your remaining years.

The choice is yours.

So, call us today and let’s get going!

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