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He’s a Running Source of Inspiration for Anyone

Everyone has a bucket list, and for some people, “running a marathon” is on it.

If it sounds impossible later in life, Brent Weigner is living proof that it’s not. And even if you don’t want to run to the curb, let alone a long race, we can all be inspired by his doggedness and determination to stay healthy.

The retired teacher started running marathons in 1968. He recently completed one in Antigua and Barbuda – country No. 186. He’s run on every continent, including Antarctica, more than once.

“I run for the same reason birds fly and fish swim,” he said. “It’s what I do.”

Neither age nor the pandemic has made him stop. Neither did earlier bouts with cancer, nor outrageous weather conditions or civil unrest.

Gratitude and faith keep him going.

“Some people are afraid to live their lives,” he said. “For me, just bring it.”

What about you? What’s on your fitness bucket list? Another downhill ski trip? Hiking in the Rocky Mountains? Working out three times a week?

Maybe you’d like to participate in an upcoming “fun run” of a mile or so. That’s awesome! If you’re interested in running a marathon, 26.2 miles, check it out and talk to your doctor. There are lots of online resources for training programs, like Runners World. And ask how we can help with strength training, cardio workouts and healthy eating tips.

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