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Healthy Recipe, Salt and Vinegar Roasted Potatoes

It’s easy to scarf down a bagful of salt and vinegar potato chips in a sitting. This recipe, adapted from one in The New York Times, captures that irresistible taste in a side dish that’s all-natural, filling, nutrient-rich, and a great source of energy. Soft, flaky sea salt adds subtle crunch and bursts of clean, bright flavor. With the balance of vinegar, only a sprinkle should do the trick. Serves 4-6. — Susan Puckett


· 2 tablespoons olive oil

· 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar, plus more if desired

· ½ teaspoon kosher salt

· ½ teaspoon black pepper

· 2 pounds Yukon gold or red-skinned potatoes, scrubbed and cut into 1-1-inch chunks

· Minced chives or green onion tops, for serving (optional)

· Flaky sea salt, for serving


1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. In a small bowl, whisk together the oil, 1 tablespoon of the vinegar, salt, and pepper.

2. Place the potatoes on a sheet pan, drizzle with the oil and vinegar mixture, toss well and spread out in a single layer, cut-side down.

3. Place in the preheated oven and roast for 15 minutes; toss and roast for 15 to 20 minutes more, or until the potatoes are tender enough to be easily pierced with a fork.

4. Drizzle the remaining vinegar over the cooked potatoes, toss, sprinkle with chives or green onions, if using, and season to taste with flaky sea salt. Add an extra shot of vinegar if you like. Serve while hot.

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