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Wish you could benefit from meditation but believe it’s not possible for your busy mind?

By Ell Graniel Jan 6, 2020

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Ell Graniel with Truespeak is a certified coach and Transformational Meditation Facilitator (TfM) with a 100% success rate for helping people meditate. She contributes and has presented for IDEA, Beachbody, Powder Blue Productions. Ell is also author of the Amazon best seller (e-book) Get Happier, Fitter, and off the Meds Now - 7 steps to a body you can love.

It’s easy to understand how some folks can believe that statement to be true. It’s a lot like how some say, “I can’t exercise. I’m uncoordinated.” Or, “I can’t do yoga. My muscles are too tight.” It makes sense that when you believe there is only one way to accomplish something, it’s easy to feel defeated.

Yet, it’s amazing that what you need – become more relaxed, coordinated, and flexible – could be achieved, if you’d only find the right way (for you). Explore the options.

If you’re still reading you’re in for a treat because many people, when confronted with other options to a belief will shut the door. Knowledge may be power but applied knowledge is the key. It’s important to take the knowledge into action to reap the benefits.

Let’s begin with the preposterous statement, “Everyone can, has, and does meditate regularly.” Here are some solid examples…

Have you ever been daydreaming and someone brings you out of it with a snap of their fingers or a “Hello?!” Or have you ever been so caught up in a movie where you are totally invested in the characters and plot – not thinking about your life. Do you pray? Do you dream? Enjoy singing?

These are all perfect examples of meditating! The trouble has been, you weren’t able to have an open mind as to what meditation is, or weren’t able to connect to the benefits. Totally understandable!

Here’s all you need to know now to get started. Meditation is having your physical body in one place with your mind enjoying another space. To engage in contemplation or reflection – it’s that simple. Allow yourself to focus on your breathing – no matter how you prefer to do it – then go one step further (this is the missing link for most) and begin to breathe in deeper than normal. Physically feel your lungs and belly expand. Then, exhale longer and slower than you have ever been aware of before. Feel this nice ebb and flow of breath for a few rounds and notice how calm you mind begins to become.

Free yourself from the old mindset that meditation means sitting in lotus position, in a quiet room, with a silent mind. Oh, and incense burning. Sure, that’s one of many ways to do it but not very possible or even desirable for many. Especially fidgety people with overly chatty minds.

Begin with just your breath and a guided meditation that gives your mind something to do so it stops bothering you for a bit. Much like putting on a child’s favorite program. There are lots of guided meditations out there so make sure you know the source and they are led by practitioners trained in NLP, neuroscience, and meditation. You want to be confident you’re putting the best stuff in your mind.

Advanced meditators use guided meditations to relax and practice their lucid dreaming skills.

Everyone benefits from journal questions that uncover what is in your non-conscious mind. You will learn a lot about what’s going on inside when you journal your journey. And, it’s interesting to see how your journeys change a bit each time you do them. Guided meditation is also an awesome way to fall asleep because it “tricks” your chatty ego into distraction which allows the day to fall away so you can get some rest.

Guided meditation is fun and easy. Try it you’ll like it!

Visit and give it another chance. The four journeys with journal questions are only $25.00 and come with a 100% money back guarantee!

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