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As we get older we lose the ability to crawl this sometimes long not being able to get down on the floor and get back up. It’s important to learn to crawl again. We tend to lose those fundamental movement patterns as we get older. Crawling is the foundation of walking, crawling can fire muscles that we haven’t used in years. It’s great for shoulder, hip, and core stability. I also found that this was something I needed to work on as well! As you may notice in my Demo.

Crawling helps reset the vestibular system. Your body's awareness of balance, spatial orientation, and movement are by this system. Crawling also helps with the cross-connection between with the limbs and the brain. Crawling improves strength and walking, which as we get older is very important. We’ve all seen older people who have trouble walking her losing her balance. Crawling helps regain that strength and your balance and approves walking. There’s no downside to learning how to crawl again is only upside benefits. especially when you have grandkids you want to get down the floor and play with them and be able to get back up as well. Athletes are adding crawling to the training regime for the added benefits. Again, you are waking up muscles that you normally haven't used in a while or at all.

Here are a few Crawling Techniques to get you started in the video.

Baby Crawl, Bear Crawl, Side Bear Crawl

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