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It’s Cheaper to be Healthy Than It Is to be Sick

If you think it’s expensive to eat right and exercise regularly, just consider the cost of being cheap with your health.

For example, some people drink so many sodas that eliminating them could save almost $1,000 a year.

That’s from health coach Kathryn Eyring, who presented “It’s Cheaper to be Healthy Than It Is to be Sick” at the Functional Aging Summit, an annual event for fitness professionals who serve people over 50.

We hear similar complaints about fitness all the time. People tell us they can’t afford to exercise. We’re not even sure what that means, since exercise doesn’t actually cost anything, and there are options for everyone.

But… we also notice a lot of those folks spending $5 a day on a Starbucks drink, hundreds of dollars eating out and drinking, and who knows how much on Netflix and all the other subscription TV services that no one thinks twice about these days.

Unhealthy habits lead to untold financial costs – doctor visits, sick days, missed opportunities, prescription medications, new clothes, etc.

But a healthy diet and regular exercise pay off their investment countless times over. Kathryn points out that muscle mass lowers sugar levels; that exercise reduces costs of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and obesity; and it improves bone health and balance.

So, please think about what’s at the root of the “I can’t afford it” excuse before you pour your next soda while sitting in front of the tube.

We think you’re worth it.

No. We know it.

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