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Longevity Is ‘In,’ But Here’s the Bottom Line


Did you know that “longevity” is trending?


Yep, books and blogs, shows and podcasts… everybody’s writing and talking about how people are living longer now and will be living even longer in the near future. So, how can you extend your life with the healthiest practices to ensure autonomy and quality of life?


Well, forget those darn trends (infrared pajamas, anybody?) and focus instead on the proven basics.


“People are looking for the magic pill,” said Dr. Luigi Ferrucci of the National Institute on Aging in the New York Times, “and the magic pill is already here.”


It is! And the No. 1 ingredient is exercise or even just movement. By staying active – and maintaining strength, endurance and agility – you’re far, far, FAR less likely to die an early death. Or suffer the indignities of a long, painful one.




Hard stop.


That means: If you’re already working out with us, keep it up! And if you’re not, then please please please start today. We make it easy, safe and fun, so come see us to get started.


The rest of the proven wonders of healthy aging are similarly predictable – and just as easy to follow.


·         Eat more fruits and vegetables

·         Prioritize sleep

·         Don’t smoke – or drink much

·         Manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol

·         Put time into your relationships

·         Maintain a positive outlook


Knowing the “magic pill” is already here ought to give us all a positive outlook! Let’s do this.

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