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Are you looking for Personal Trainer or Coach?

If you’re looking a Personal Trainer, then I’m not for you. But if you’re looking for a Coach to improve your lifestyle than I’m the Coach you’re looking for.

My purpose is to help clients over the age of 40 to have an energetic and active lifestyle.

While I love training athletes my passion and purpose are the folks over forty.

Together we will do the following:

  • Improve your strength and stability.

  • Improve your nutritional habits.

  • Find the right supplement recommendations to help you reach your optimal nutrient level.

  • Increase your energy levels.

As we age we don’t absorb nutrients like we did when we were younger. Past the age of 40, the absorption of nutrients starts to slow down. Improving your nutritional plan in conjunction with the right supplementation can make a big improvement in the bioavailability of nutrients.

My main goal is to have my older clients gain more strength, mobility, and stability. Thereby improving their performance in all aspects of their life. How do I know this because I’m a young 61. I have been the fitness industry since I was 12 years old when my father built his first health club. I have been a coach for over 30 years and have helped hundreds of people around the world improve their lifestyle. I’ve dedicated a lot of time and research into helping my older clients. Why, because I’m one of them. I want to lead an active and energized life at 100 years old. This is why came up with this with the saying:

Strength + Mobility + Stability = Performance in Life and Sports

I’m always looking for that edge to help me improve my own well-being and that of my clients. That’s why I blog and post research to help educate people of all ages. This allows them to make better choices about their health and well-being. Could you imagine the difference in health care if we all made better lifestyle choices?

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