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Have you ever noticed when you’re at the gym that all most everyone is training straight-ahead? They concentrate on what they see. You hardly see anyone training laterally or rotational unless they’re in a class. As we get older we can lose the ability to move laterally and rotational. This lends itself to movement problems as we get older. Stiffness in the hips and knees, ankles, spine, shoulders along with the shortening of the gait. With this, we lose strength, mobility, and stability.

Getting out of a chair can becomes difficult. Bending over to pick something up can be a chore itself, along with any kind of rotational movement. If there is no effort to correct this instability problem deterioration moves in. Then over time movement becomes worse or more difficult. To the point that older individuals have trouble walking because of poor balance. Which leads to falling then loss of functionality. Definitely not good for an active lifestyle along with killing your golf game.

Look at our aging population that have trouble walking. Relying on canes and walkers, let alone electric scooters to get around. Tasks like getting in out of a bathtub and lateral movement become very difficult. There’s no rotational movement because of the stiffness and inability of the spine and hips to move. This can lead to falling along with possible joint replacements.

I hope as you are reading this you are thinking. I don’t want this to happen to me. But yet we don’t take the time and effort to do anything about it. The majority of these things can be avoided by working to regain your strength, mobility, and stability. With the right plan, along with doing exercises that increase all the above. You can regain your strength, mobility, stability, and rotational movement, with better balance. So, it’s never too late to start. Doing the exercises that increase your strength, mobility, rotational movement, and balance. Lead you in the right direction.

So, what are you doing to get started?

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