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Sleep Better This Year With These Easy Tips.

The year 2020 was a nightmare. If worries about the coronavirus and other news kept you from sleep last year, then we have some suggestions here for getting more restful, healthful sleep in the new year.

No. 1? Exercise, of course. Nothing helps you sleep better than working your body. This is true for all kinds of exercise – especially resistance training (also known as weightlifting).


· Keep your bedroom cool and dark.

· Limit bedroom activities to sleep and intimacy (no TV or electronic devices).

· Get outdoors for sunlight every day to keep your body’s natural sleep clock ticking on time.

· Avoid caffeine after lunch.

· Limit food that’s high in sugar, saturated fat and processed carbohydrates – and, for some, spicy food at night.

· Eat more plants, fiber and foods with lots of unsaturated fat, like nuts, avocados and fish.

· Watch the amount of alcohol you consume.

· Don’t drink anything close to bedtime. You don’t need another reason for a late-night bathroom visit!

As children, some of us were raised to believe that sleep was a sign of laziness. Nothing is further from the truth. You need a solid 7 to 9 hours each night to keep your body and your brain functioning properly.

After 65, sleep issues can increase accidents, falls, cognitive decline, depression and more.

Talk to us about exercise and healthy habits to improve your rest. Don’t struggle one more night – let alone another year!

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