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Most of us have trouble sticking to a nutrition plan on our own.

The biggest reason is eliminating simple carbs from eating. Because they're so addicting. Big (junk) food manufacturers have scientists and labs; all they do is create foods with addicting flavors.

Because these outside forces, along with friends, family, and temptation, we have a hard time resisting simple carbohydrates and junk food. So, the best thing to have is a sound support system and accountability to be able to stick with a plan. This is where I come in to help you make it easier to stick to the plan. One that you're ready to stick to with foods that taste good and help eliminate cravings.

Today we have many highly processed and ultra-processed foods they're made convenient for us to eat. Whether they are in a box or a bag, they are designed to be quick and easy, not healthy. Some companies prepackage food for some good some not so good. Think about it you have Nutri-Systems, Weight Watchers and a few others with packaged foods. So what happens when we go back to real food? There are changes you have to make. Better just to slowly make those changes now for greater success.

Dr. J. Wrigley wrote, "There is an ever-growing number of people who don't feel right and never seem to get 100%." They just can't figure out why they feel so bad don't feel the top of their game. They go to the doctor their tests come back standard but yet there's something off. Sometimes these are dismissed with an antidepressant sadly. The majority the time it's what we eat that makes us feel so bad that's why we are nowhere near optimal health. I call these folks the walking wounded.

Sometimes the best thing to do is keep a food diary of what you're eating then eliminate certain foods to see how you feel. Sometimes we find out that the particular foods that we're eating just don't agree with us or make us feel sluggish and have brain fog. The bottom line is Just Eat Real Food such as meats, dense vegetables, berries, Greek yogurt, and dairy products if you're able to. No one nutritional plan is going to work for everyone; that's why I design a customized plan for each person. So, if you are having trouble sticking to or finding the right nutritional plan that works for you, let me help.

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