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Sunny Season Reminds Us to Keep Moving, Indoors or Out

Ted Guice found his over-50 paradise with the thousands of retirees in sunny Palm Springs, California.

Ted’s been working as a trainer there for years, leading a popular “boot camp-aerobics” style workout class.

When the pandemic hit, he took it outside and offered it to the general public for free. And now, as California lifts restrictions and gets back to normal, he’s planning to continue the 50-minute sessions he offered each weekday morning in a city park.

“Palm Springs is such a vibrant place and it’s filled with all of us Baby Boomers,” says Ted, 64. “Across the country, people definitely need to be getting outside this summer.”

That’s one of the many lessons about fitness over 50 that Ted offers to anyone, anywhere.

Fitness for Active Retirement

Ted makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of fitness level or ability. So everyone gets a good workout with a friendly group of people supporting each other.

“Some people retire here and think that’s enough for a healthy lifestyle,” says Ted. “But then they get complacent and sit by the pool and enjoy their food, and before you know it, they find it doesn’t work that way.”

Like active retirement centers everywhere, Palm Springs is full of older people enjoying golf, tennis, hiking, and pickleball.

Many retirees are gym members. Ted has found that people in retirement need structure to their day and consistent means of finding social interaction.

Exercise meets both needs, no matter where you are.

“We started with about 20 people more than a year ago,” he says. “People showed up, and it just built from there. Now in the summer months we average 45 to 50 people, and during season it’s 70 to 80 each morning.

“You work out at your own pace. I tell everybody to challenge themselves but take good care of themselves. It’s a lot of fun and a great workout. Every once in a while, we get some muscular young men who come by, and they are always surprised.”

Start Slow, Find a Friend

We want mature adults to get back to moving their bodies, indoors or out. Here’s some more good advice from Ted.

· “People say, ‘I can’t go to a gym because I’m not fit enough.’ But if you start slow, challenge yourself, and give yourself four to six weeks, you’ll start noticing some real changes in strength, mobility, and coordination.”

· “You have to ask for help. And if you don’t find it in the first place, then look somewhere else.”

· “Find a buddy. Find supportive relationships.”

· “Getting outdoors can improve your whole attitude and open you up to new possibilities.”

Locally, we’re seeing a return to fitness after the pandemic sidelined so many of us. It gave us time to think about our values and goals, and people know more than ever the value of a healthy lifestyle.

So, come talk to us. We can’t wait to show you the fun, inspiring methods we have for helping you enjoy your best life.

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