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The ‘Accidental Icon’ on Fashion & Fitness


How do you want to be seen now and as you continue to mature?


If you’re like most people, you want to continue aging as your own fabulous self, not as some stereotype society imposes on “older” people.


That’s the lesson from Instagram star Lyn Slater, a 70-year-old fashionista out with her first book, “How to Be Old: Lessons in Living Boldly from the Accidental Icon.”


Regardless of whether you’re also “fashion forward” or prefer jeans or athleisure, this approach is spectacular to continue maturing in a healthy, positive way – enjoying what you want for as long as possible.


Slater presents “an alternative model of older life: someone who defied the stereotypes, refused to become invisible, and showed that all women have the opportunity to be relevant and take major risks at any stage of their life,” her publisher says. “Youth is not the only time we can be experimental.”


Fitness is a big part of living your best life at any age, including for Slater.


“I bike at least 18 miles 4x a week,” Slater writes. “You save your joints, get to ride through beautiful scenes and nature if you are lucky enough to have some nice trails around, the wind on your face when you are flying downhill makes you feel free and energetic, and you get to meet amazing people along the way.”


Well, there’s nothing “accidental” about any of that!


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