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Training on the Vibration Platform

The vibration platform is one of my favorite training modalities. There are many advantages and benefits in here are a few

  • Increased bone density.

  • Increased tendon and ligament strength

  • Balance

  • flexibility and mobility

  • 100% muscle recruitment

  • Faster injury recovery

  • Improves circulation

Use the foam roller on the platform to aid myofascial tissue release. Train a client on a platform for 20-30 minutes they are sweating and tired. There is 100% of the muscle fibers firing instead of 40% that usually fire when you’re working the muscle. The platform is an outstanding addition to rehab for the strengthening of tendons and ligaments. The return of muscle strength at a faster rate. Speeding up of circulation also improves the healing time. Improves flexibility and mobility faster. When muscles are not used in their full range of motion they shorten. This contributes to stiffness in the joints and movement. Doing mobility exercises on the platform helps lengthen the muscles. This improves flexibility along with your quality of life.

The vibration platform is a tool to increase strength, mobility, stability. Awesome addition to anybody’s program. you will find vibration platforms in almost every college and Pro sports weight room. It’s also used by orthopedic rehab clinics, physical therapists, and chiropractic clinics. Now you see them in some fitness centers. Prohibitive for people with joint replacements, people with acute thrombosis, and pregnant women.

I use the Vibe Plate because it comes in various sizes. In fact, they make them large enough rehabbing horses. They like it so well they will walk over stand on the vibe plate and wait for someone to turn it on.

If you know of someone who could benefit from vibration platform training please share this with them.

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