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What results do you want from what you eat and how you exercise?

Our society grows fatter unhealthier and out of shape year-by-year. There has been a trend in our culture since the 1970's. Society has become more overweight and unhealthier along with the availability of pharmaceuticals to ease the pain or take care of whatever ailment we may have instead of eating real food and exercising. I talk a lot about this because I want to drive home the point that there is a better way. We have become a society of whatever is quick and convenient, especially when it comes to our eating. That's why you see so many fast food advertisements on TV. They make all this fast food look delicious convenient, but it's slowly killing us whether we want to admit it or not. All this extra weight has taken a toll on her joints, and cardiovascular system to the point that we are getting new knees an new hips in record numbers along with new joints were having stents put in to open up arteries that are getting clogged Roto-Rooter and out other veins, heart surgery, and heart transplants.

Diabetes is now becoming an epidemic. Even with all the prevention and drugs out there, folks are still losing toes feet limbs and eyesight. Why well look at what we’re eating and the lack of exercise and movement? That’s why they’re saying sitting is the new smoking.

So, do you no longer believe you can succeed or believe in yourself?

Everything is a process of how you pursue that process is what counts. Are you going to be relentless or give up to failure? The reward is being constant to make changes slowly in your life for the better.

Thrive triumph and enjoy

It's all about you, not anyone else and what you want to do and how you see your future.

Do you have a master plan or just plodding along?

Starting and giving up is why only 5% are successful,

famous motivational speaker Earl Nightingale said

"you are what you think about" this could be interpreted many ways but what he meant was your goals. That you become what you think about what you want to achieve by continually focusing on that goal and outcome.

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