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Who’s Ready for Summer Sports and Fun?

Has there ever been a happier spring to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and the company of other people?

After more than a year of pandemic restrictions, we are increasingly able to enjoy our favorite activities. And just in time for summer!

What’s your summer sport or outdoor activity?

Tennis? Golf? Running? Gardening?

Working out with us will get you ready for any of those and more. You might’ve lost some power in your drive… maybe you’re not as mobile at the knees or as strong in the back as you need to be.

Don’t lose the competitive edge – and don’t risk an injury doing something you love.

Strength training is essential for all of these activities, and we can show you how to get ready to enjoy summer on your own terms.

Want proof? Just look at today’s professional golfers and tennis players compared to the heroes of your childhood. You see more muscle tone, less body fat, and a generally fitter approach. That’s because the elite athletes know they need a strong core, mobility and flexibility. That means working on their abdomen, back, hips and glutes in the gym beforehand.

Depending on your activity and condition, we might want to introduce cardio and flexibility training, too.

The facts are simple: After a year out of commission, we need to get back to our sports and activities – with safety and with strength! Let us show you how.

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