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March is here, how are you progressing on your journey to a better you? This is about the time the folks start giving up on their fitness training, the gym, and their nutritional plan. Some of you have stayed the course and I say well done. By now you have noticed that the journey is never a straight line? But that’s okay, don’t get discouraged. Remember to always start with the end in mind. See the goal in your mind visualize where you’re going and what you want to be. Write it down, post it, keep it with you always. But where you will see it every day. That’s why I say carry it with you if you ever open your wallet or your purse it’s right there to remind you. So, along the way, you may get off course a little zag here little zig there when that happens, realign get back on course. Back to that straight line. This is the time when frustration can set in and you think about giving up.

Well, I ate badly. It’s the weekend and I blew it. Might as well give up. I’m going to have to start all over again, No you will not! This is a time to get back on course. Many times, things get in the way. No matter how many times you get off course along the way. No matter how many zigs are zags there are we move forward to the goal that we have mapped out for ourselves. Why? Because no one is better at being you than you.

One last thing, or two. Don’t let anyone get you off course because they will try. Do your best to stay on the path to the end of the journey. There will be naysayers that will work hard to push you off course. Those would rather see you fail or give up. Why? Jealousy, envy, or lack of discipline to do it themselves. So, then invite them to join you on your journey the more the merrier. Have everyone supporting each other. That way if someone veers off course help them hit the reset button to get back on course. Those who keep moving forward achieve the goal. There is no success without failure and setbacks along the way. This is a lifelong journey to a new and better you.

So, Embrace the Journey.

I’m here to make your journey successful. As your coach, I will give you a roadmap and game plan. I will be there with you every step of the way to make adjustments to keep you moving forward. Together success can and will can be achieved.

Visualize the end goal see it in your mind. Stay focused. This is about you!

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