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6 Healthy Tips from a ‘Nurse-Coach’

If nurses are the most trusted health-care professionals, then what could be better for active agers than bringing them into the fitness realm, as well?

“Nurse coaches” are just that: people trained as both a nurse and a personal trainer.

It’s part of a growing effort to bridge the gap between traditional health-care and the exercise industry. They don’t always operate in harmony for the benefit of the patient-client. Just think if your doctor ever made a flat-out prohibition against physical activity. Or if your trainer gave you directions like you were a college athlete.

Nicole Vienneau is a senior faculty member at the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy, a longtime intensive care nurse, active-aging specialist; and owner of Blue Monarch Health, which brings fitness services to people over 50 in their own environments.

“Let’s help people figure out what’s important to them about their life and their heath BEFORE they actually get sick,” she says. Here are a few of her tips.

1. Move more. It improves sleep ,mood, memory and inflammation. Exercise three to five times a week.

2. Sleep better by eliminating caffeine after lunch, removing electronics from the bedroom, and investing in comfortable pillows and linen.

3. Keep learning. Read books, visit museums, or take a continuing education course with a friend.

4. Keep socializing. Find and nurture friends at the gym, religious organizations, political groups, etc. Make a lunch date with an old friend.

5. If you’re going to a new fitness class, arrive early and introduce yourself to the instructor.

6. Remember that you are a whole, complex human being – not just a collection of body parts.

>Learn more with Nicole on the Optimal Aging podcast.

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