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Ageist Myths: Fading in the Face of Covid?

When it comes to ageism and outdated stereotypes, Jeff Weiss has heard it all.

The Toronto-based marketing guru is leading the charge against dangerous myths that lead marketers, brands, and experts of all kinds to dismiss people over 50 as being:

· Stuck in their ways

· Out of touch and afraid of new things

· Technologically inept

· Not concerned with their appearance

· Frail and helpless

All nonsense. You know it. So do we!

“Only 25 percent of ‘older’ people feel like marketers are reaching out to them,” Weiss says in an engaging conversation on the Optimal Aging podcast. “These are people who are active, vibrant, and want to feel like brands want their business.

“Age doesn’t come into it – it’s more attitude and how people want to live their lives.”

Among some key findings:

· Only 5 percent of “active agers” don’t want to shop online, Weiss says.

· Facebook is hugely popular – sometimes 90 percent – among this demographic. So is YouTube – and now Instagram is more than ever, partly thanks to Covid-19, he says.

· Older people were quick to join virtual workouts after the pandemic required quarantines.

· Personal health is “top of mind” more than ever

“Marketers and businesses are finally seeing the value of this demographic because people have had to adjust their shopping habits.”

We love smashing some myths! Come join us. We’ll fight ageism one case at a

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