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Biohacking, Life and Finding Balance

Hacking is the new internet buzzword. Biohacking, lifehacking, growth hacking and hacking for just about anything for those interested in do-it-yourself betterment. We now have people telling us they have the answer for fixing or bettering our lives. Sometimes we turn to unconventional methods, especially after eating too much crappy food or having too much booze. We try hacks like all these lose 30 pounds in 30 days, lose 2 dress sizes in a week and probably some I haven’t heard of yet. While these short-term fixes help some people, they are only short-term and most people will go right back where they were and often even gain more weight. We are promised magical properties that fix weight loss, better our lifestyle, and better our lives.

Fads, gimmicks or butter in your coffee usually doesn’t work. But you know what does work, lifestyle changes. Consistent changes that you can measure. It’s really not complicated, but it does take time. We live in a “want it now” world, but true lifestyle changes take work and time. This is your health and well-being we are talking about or maybe possibly your life. What’s that really worth you?

Having a plan, that is not complicated, easy to follow and you can stick with is the best way to go. But, yes, sadly there are some of us that don’t make that changes without some skin in the game, a cost, a price, from what might possibly be a major health scare, or when the body starts to ache and fall apart? Simple tasks are no longer simple. You wake up in the hospital, hopefully, your pastor isn’t standing there next you and you wondering what happened. The real trick is getting a coach to help you see these things in your mind and make them possible before we have that scare. We all have good intentions, but just get sidetracked. Start with small but consistent changes. If you are not sure where to start I can help you devise a plan that works then help you stick to it. Even when you have a setback. Now I’m in your corner, and you are on the path to a healthier you!

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