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Early in my career I worked in Physical Therapy at a level 1 Trauma Center hospital then later I moved to the OR as a surgical tech. That is where I learned what happens from having poor lifestyle and nutrition habits. I also learned about injury related problems and what happens afterwards as well. What people do or don't do to continue to improve. So I started training folks to help them improve their lifestyle or overcome an injury.

Over the years several clients gave me the nickname BODYDR because spent so much time trying to help fix their problems. Along with my hospital stories I told.

The fact is I ask a lot of questions looking for WHY things happen or WHY a client wants to achieve certain goals. Having a group of professionals to help me get those answers has been one of my greatest assets in the quest for answers to help clients. Working with knowledgeable healthcare professionals in searching for the WHY. Where the most obscure question was not strange or weird. I keep looking way outside the box sometimes looking beyond symptoms and asking some probably weird questions which can seem strange at the time. Most times we finally find the answer. Sometimes there is a simple but not yet obvious answer that I wouldn't thought of or didn't see coming. Getting back to the WHY sometimes we have to a dig real deep especially when it comes to our health and well-being. That's the best part of figuring out the problem and finding the right professionals to fix or help correct the issue if needed. It's about what best serves the client’s needs and general well-being. Having had the experience in my life of seeing many surgical procedures and traumas in the Physiatry center was a major asset to asking why. There is no end to what we are learning about the human body.

So, after 30+ years I’ve asked a lot of why’s and learned a lot of interesting and great things to help my clients. Always seeking knowledge is a big key to finding solutions.

If you got a health and fitness problem that you’re having issues or know someone who might be let me see if I can help. Let's see if we come up with a plan and make you the best you can be.

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