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The Journal of American College of Nutrition recently published a landmark systematic review that suggests consuming protein above currently recommended levels helps prevent osteoporosis, age-related bone loss. Current guidelines focus on the protein to prevent muscle loss. This study suggests a need for a lot more protein to keep our bones strong. According to the lead author Dr. Taylor Wallace, a George Mason University professor, their study showed a 16% reduction in the risk of hip fractures with higher protein intakes.

Dr. Wallace recommends more protein for breakfast. This confirmed my belief that you should get at least 30 to 40 g of protein daily for breakfast. There are more and more studies coming out about getting more protein as we age. One of the main things I stress to my clients, especially after looking at their food journals is that eating extra protein does not make you fat. Protein at breakfast makes you less hungry throughout the morning. Most people who eat a lot of carbohydrates for breakfast are starving by midmorning. Having a high protein breakfast helps prevent hunger cravings. That’s when we tend to grab the first thing we see.

Time to enjoy some more protein at breakfast.

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